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Refund Policy - Returns and cancellations

Orders received through the Online Booking service can not be canceled in less than 24 hours after the scheduled time for transportation. Commissioned transportation which is canceled in less than 24 hours before the reserved time will be charged to the client. The amount which will be charged in such case depends on the costs incurred by canceling the transportation, and can not be less than 150.00 HRK. In case of cancellation of the service between 2 to 5 days before the agreed date of transportation, the paid amount will be returned to the client minus 150.00 HRK, and in case that the cancellation of the service is less than 12 hours from the scheduled time of the transport, the carrier will not refund the paid amount to the client.

If a passenger is not available on the contact phone or doesn't come at the appointed time, after 30 minutes of waiting outside the reserved time, will result in charging a fee for transportation to the client. The amount which will be charged in such case depends on the actual costs incurred, the distance of transportation and other costs resulting from not showing up, but not less than 50% of the agreed fare. When receiving passengers from airports we allow 45 minutes waiting on arrival of passengers at the Info desk for the flights landing on time, unless the client decide to delay his arrival at the Info desk during the booking by sending a note (eg "arrive at the Info desk after 60 minutes"). If the waiting time is longer than 45 minutes we charge an additional amount for such hold. The client is obliged to inform us on time (before the vehicle has departed from starting place) in case of changes in travel plans, or possibly a missed flight, ferry, boat, etc.. If you notify us on the time of the new flight, ferry, boat, etc., to change the date and time of travel, such deferred arrival will not be charged. In case that the client is not able to get in contact with our driver, please contact us as soon as possible on contact phone number that is located on the confirmation voucher.

The client can change the reservation details at any time. If transportation details have been changed in five or more days prior to transportation there will be no extra fee, while changes made less than five days before transport will be charged 150.00 HRK. If price of a new transport costs more than the old price, it will be increased for it's difference, while in the transportation where prices are lower than the older ones, client will get refunded in cost difference. If the transfer has been canceled more than 5 days before transportation date, and due to higher force (natural disasters, death in close family, serious illnesses of a family member, etc.) the entire amount paid will be refunded upon presentation of proper evidence, or confirmation of the reason for cancellation in such case. If a client is entitled to any refund or part of the amount paid on any basis, the carrier is required to refund full amount within 30 days.


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